Ugly Girl Bikini Shocker

Damn! This picture is hilarious yet terrifying at the same time. Is this a real girl? That’s all I wanna know. Ok, let’s analyze this properly. I tried looking closely to see if it’s a mask but unfortunately the skin tone of the face matches the body. The hair is obviously a wig. But those TEETH! Oh they look like they could tear a guy up if you get my drift. No way could a girl come 100 feet near me with a grill like that. I mean the body isn’t half bad but I would need more than just a bag to put over her face, I’d need a tarp with a large rubber band so I could secure it around her face. Then we could probably get down to business. I’m not that picky but this girl is fugly. Ok, reward time. FUGLIEST GIRL AWARD of the week. She’s got it in the bag…and I mean it.

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