Tropical Bikini Babes

Hubba hubba, check out these sexy Hawaiian Tropic babes just hanging out. They’re all blondes too! How lucky can you get with that. Ok, why not let’s have our own bikini contest like we normally do. Let’s go from left to right.

#1 – She’s cute but looks like my sister.

#2 – Kind of looks like Britney but hot body.

#3 – Nice abs.

#4 – Looks a little cougar-ish

#5 – A cute shortie

And the winner is…..#5, I think she has the cutest face out of them all but #3 takes second because of those tight abs. So #5 gets the CUTEST BLONDE IN A RED BIKINI AWARD. I’d go out on a date with her. Hopefully she doesn’t mind going dutch.

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