The Pretzel Bikini

Hubba Hubba! Damn! Now this is called the Pretzel Bikini. There are some plus and minuses to this bikini and as I stare at this photo, I wonder if this bikini is a one size fit all type of swimwear. As you can see the babe that has on this skimpy bikini is very well enhanced up top. Although let me expand on those enhancements. They actually look like rocks in her chest. Real breasts do not look like th at. From the side they are just sticking out and it’s not really sexy, just shocking. What’s really hot on her are her abs and smooth skin tone more than anything. This bikini might look better on a babe who is flat up top and I’d really like to see that. I’m going to give her an award. SKIMPIEST BIKINI OF THE WEEK AWARD. There you go.

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