Tattooed Asian Bikini Babe

Omg! I love tattoos on this asian babe in a sexy bikini. Look what she’s done! If those tats are real, I’m in complete awe and admiration of her willingness to portray her body as a true work of art. It looks like it’s an extra large scaly lizard monster that’s crawling around on her body. The colors and details are amazing. She’s stopped at the base of her neck and that’s hot! I like that. She is very deliberate about her tats because her arm isn’t touched and I’m not sure how far she’s gone down on her legs. I would honestly love to see her in a more skimpy bikini only so I could see more of the work that’s done. Awesome! HOTTEST TATTOOED BABE IN A BIKINI AWARD. I would love to see the back and more angles but guess we’ll have to settle for this. Very very nice.

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