Spring Break Bikini Contest

Oh I love it when we have our very own Spring Break Bikini contests here at Killer Bikini Babes. I get so giddy and tingly inside. Ok, here we go. Here we have six hot spring breakers who are wearing super sexy bikinis. But there can be only one winner. Let’s check out the contestants from left to right.

#1: Awesome body but a face like a dog.

#2: I like her slim frame but she reminds me too much of my ex who I hate.

#3: Nice chest and cute bikini. She’s kind of straight up and down but she looks like a guidette and I like that.

#4: Plain jane bikini but cute belly button jewelry.

#5: Mug shot face and weird shape.

#6: Oh no, she looks like too many of the girls who have stalked me.

And the winner is…..#3 – the Guidette. By far she has the cutest face so I’m giving her the SEXIEST SPRING BREAK BIKINI BABE AWARD. I love my job!

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