Spring Break Bikini Contest

Ok, I thought we here at Killer Bikini Babes would have our own Hottest Killer Bikini Babe Contest and use these girls that are pictured in a Spring Break Bikini Contest. Since we don’t know who won that contest, I’ll just pick a winner here.

There are 14 girls standing in the water and I’m going to eliminate all the fatties, so that brings it down to 7. Eliminate the shorties and that brings it down to 3. Since it’s our show, I’ll pick a winner and the winner is….(drum roll)………#10 (5th from the right). She’s the hottest looking one to me so she gets the CUTEST SPRING BREAK BIKINI CONTEST WINNER AWARD of the week.

I like her body style which is tall, lean and mean and she looks cute with those sunglasses on. Next….

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