Skimpy Bikini Contest

Wow, check out this Skimpy Bikini Contest. These are very skimpy bikinis indeed. As I’m looking them over, I can’t help but divert my eyes to the red skimpy bikini. It’s clearly one of the ones that stands out the most. I’ve seen this girl before and we’ve featured her on this site before in different bikinis so I guess that what she goes around doing – entering skimpy bikini contests. I think her breasts are too far apart but that’s just me. It’s a good thing she’s shaved because that would be an ugly sight if she wasn’t. The other girls are ok. I ilke the v shaped blue and silver bikini that’s the first one on the right. The other ones are kind of regular, however, on the third one from the left in a black bikini, I don’t see any string on her bikini bottom. So how is it being held up? Very interesting. We’re not having a bikini contest for them here but I do still like the v shaped blue and silver one. I should change the title to Tacky Bikini Contest.

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