Redneck Bikini Gals

Hey let’s have a Redneck Bikini Gal contest right here and now. Yeah, ok, it’s no secret that all of these babes are pretty ugly. I think one of them is missing a few teeth but that’s only normal for redneck cuties like these. Looks like their Pa told them to get out and work in the field because they on top of the tractor on their way to work all dressed up in overalls and all but they get a shout out on this site only because they’re wearing bikinis underneath their overalls. That must be so they can go swimming in the swamp creek after work. Ok, I’m not going to drag this contest out but I’ll just pick #2 (the one in the middle) as the winner of the REDNECK BIKINI GAL CONTEST AWARD. I think she has all of her teeth, she doesn’t look hairy and her legs aren’t too bruised up.

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