Red Hot Bikini Parade

Hey it’s time for another Killer Bikini Babe Online Contest right here and now. We are going to judge these six babes who are walking the streets wearing the same red bikinis. I can tell you right now, they are all pretty ugly to me so I’ll do my best to judge them in whatever beauty features I do happen to notice. Starting with the brunette on the far left to right, here we go.

#1 – Looks like she just got a tummy tuck and has a really plain face.
#2 – She looks old enough to be my aunt.
#3 – That bulge in her belly looks like she’s about 4 months preggo.
#4 – She has a cute smile, a little chunky in the thighs.
#5 – Not bad at all.
#6 – She looks like a tall goofus.

Ok, the winner of the HOTTEST RED BIKINI AWARD is #5. She’s about the cutest one in the bunch and she has a really cute body too. Throw the rest away.

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