Ramen Noodles Bikini

I love this!!! When I was in college and for a while after that all I did was eat ramen noodles EVERY DAY and I mean EVERY DAY! They are very cheap as you know. You can buy about 5 packs for $1.00 and mix them up with some chicken and veggies for a meal. That’s all I could afford with my side job so this chick with the ramen noodles bikini takes me back to those days. It looks like she’s a ramen noodle lover herself. Right on! I still eat ramen noodles for a quick snack for lunch or late night and it still tastes great. This babe is a true porker but I’m not going to knock her for that. Just because she’s rocking the ramen will gain her my respect. Let’s give her the MOST ECONOMICAL AND SATISFYING BIKINI AWARD. LOL

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