Skinny Bikini Model

Didn’t I tell you months ago that the future of bikini modeling would consist of human skeletors on the runway? Well behold Miss Skinny Universe. I think this model is about 20 pounds underweight, and of course, that’s what is hot or will be hot. She’s walking bone marrow. I don’t know about you but I don’t think that’s sexy. However, some guys dig it. They think that’s totally awesome but not me. I like curves on a girls. The only curves this girl has are the indentations in her ribs because she’s starving herself. It’s like watching a circus attraction actually. But mark my word, this is what 80% of models will look like. If you’re a size 6, then soon you’ll be considered a plus model. Let’s give her the SKINNIEST BIKINI MODEL AWARD. Not that it’s a good thing either.

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