Lucy Pinder Bikini USA

Lucy Pinder is a 26 year old English glamour model, from Winchester, Hampshire. She’s most known for being on Big Brother UK. She’s also an actress and model but hasn’t done much American work although she’s posing in a stars and stripes bikini and looking HOT! If they ever want to cast someone for the new Wonder Woman movie that they keep throwing around, she’s got my vote. She would be perfect for the new Wonder Woman role, can you see it? She’s loaded and has that dark mysterious look that we all have come to love. Wonder Woman’s new costume should look something like this. If they did make the movie with her in it, I’d sleep out overnight in front of the theater to make sure I was the first in line for tickets. Can you blame me? Let’s give her the WONDER WOMAN LOOK-A-LIKE AWARD. Let’s make a petition.

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