Lady Gaga Bikini Animal

Do you want some bad romance? Well come on and hang out with pop superstar Lady Gaga hanging out at the St. Regis Hotel in Houston, TX. She’s looking really hot in an animal print bikini. I’ve noticed when Lady Gaga isn’t all dressed up in plastic bubbles or blood, she actually looks quite normal. I honestly think she’s all caught up in being “Lady Gaga”. She’s quoted as saying sometimes knowing that she is Lady Gaga is the only thing that gets her out of the bed. That sounded weird to me. Like she’s buying into her own celebrity and that can be very harmful and dangerous because once the fans turn elsewhere (AND THEY WILL) what are you going to do? Will she jump from the rooftop because nobody is trying to take pictures of her anymore? Look at Madonna. She’s still famous but people aren’t trying to knock her door down like in the 80’s. Her last concert ticket sales wasn’t all that good because she’s getting old and so will Lady Gaga. She’s only 24 and has a long way to go but will she get there?

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