Fat Bikini Woww

This is what a real Jersey Shore babe looks like. Her name is Fat-Woww and she’s going to star in her own reality TV show called The Fat Shore. Look at the thighs on this woman. If you could see my mouth, you’d see that it’s wide open while I’m typing this post right now. I can’t believe how unproportioned her body is. I’ve seen lots of fat woman but this is strange. Her upper body looks chubby but her bottom part is way out there. She even has the nerve to smile while not having enough food on her plate. She knows that she eats much more than that and is probably just trying to be nice because she’s out in public. I really don’t even know what type of award to give her but I feel that I need to give her something. Ok, let’s give her the FATTEST THIGHS IN A BIKINI AWARD. After looking at this picture, I plan on eating nothing but salads for the rest of the week.

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