Hot Babe In A Bikini Contest

Ok, Killer Bikini Babe fans, it’s time for another bikini contest right here. This time we have three super hot bikini babes decked out in skimpy bikinis and we like that. So lets get to the judging.

#1. Contestant #1 is wearing a skin tight black bikini that’s showing off her cute curves. Nice smile and pretty long hair that hangs over her shoulders. Is she smart? Who cares!!

#2. Contestant #2 is wearing a string thong bikini that looks like it’s painted on. Cute smile but her assets look a little bit too far apart. Will the judges deduct for that? She hasn’t any hair on her body, which is a plus BUT will make up for the 1 inch gap in between her chest?

#3. Contestant #3 is wearing a cute pink bikini that’s holding up pretty well. Cute blonde streaks in the hair which is a plus for her. Nice smile and cute innie belly button.

So….the winner is….(drum roll)…

Contestant #2 is the winner and why? Cause she’s showing the most skin and looks most likely to accept the reward which is CHEAPEST LOOKING BABE IN A BIKINI AWARD of the week. That’s how we do it around here. Thanks to all of our contestants and join us next time.

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