Holiday Bikini Love

Here are some vegas dance girls all dressed up and ready to go for the holiday season. Ever heard of X-mas in July? That’s what they’re doing. Although the bods on these seven babes are smoking hot out of this world, the faces are pretty scary. It might be the makeup or the fact that they’re all just ugly as all crap! I mean these are some ugly looking babes. Their faces look like they belong in a horror movie. Oh hey that would be so cool. Zombie Holiday Massacre! I love it. I’ll direct and these ugly chicks can star in it. They can work for credit because I’m not paying them any money. It’s a low budget film. I have a nice award for them. UGLIEST BABES WITH THE HOTTEST BODIES AWARD starring in Zombie Holiday Massacre coming to a theatre near you! These babes are so ugly they are definitely double bagger material which means you have to put a bag over your head during love making just in case her bag falls off.

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