Hawaiian Bikini Contest

Oh goody gumdrops! Here’s three babes who are entering a Hawaiian Bikini Contest. First off, the chick on the left in the white is in a swimsuit. That’s too much clothes, honey. Non compliance, so she would be eliminated, especially with those thunder thighs. Is that why she’s wearing a full suit? Hiding something? Hmmmmm…Actually, she’s the cutest in the face but I like the body on the one wearing the white and black polka dot bikini. The one in the yellow bikini is too thin for me. I like curves and she’s straight up and down. It’s interesting that they are all blondes. Personally, I would have preferred a brunette or redhead just for some variety or maybe even an asian chick. So, the official winner actually turned out to be the one in the white and black polka dot bikini. They’re all average, not really hot but cute. So I guess it’s fair.

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