Butterface Bikini Babe

Now why am I calling her a butterface…..well because everything looks good on her but-her-face. Somebody please hand me a paper bag please. I mean she’s not hideous looking but those awful looking glasses do nothing for her face. I can see the acne popping up so bad that Orville Redenbacher wants to give her a job. That red hair dye job is ugly too. She would have done better to put a few pink extensions hanging down in between her hair around the back so we just see a few pink strands. She looks like a troll with that hair. However, her body is super banging. Cut off the face and let’s explore her body alone. I’m not kidding, she’s really hot in that pink and black bikini and I’d date her but I wouldn’t kiss her, no way. I really want to give her an ugly award but I’ll let her slide this time.

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