Blazing Hot Bikini Contest

Ok, I thought I’d treat you to something hot and sexy to look at after posting those pictures of fat chicks in bikinis. LOL. Here are some blazing hot babes in sexy bikinis!!! They’re all not hot but 4 out of 5 ain’t bad. It’s been a while, so let’s have our own Killer Bikini Babes contest right here and now. We’re ranking them from left to right. Let’s go.

#1: The bikini babe in the black and red heart pasties is cute. I think the pasties is being desperate but she does have a cute body.

#2: Pink stripped bikini looks good on her extra slender frame. Kinda too slender for me though.

#3: Green bikini is sorta boring but I like her long curly hair. Her abs are kinda weird and she has the kind of waist that will explode and expand about 20 inches once she hits 40 yrs.

#4: Nice body and sexy black bikini. Not much to her bikini which is nice. She looks like a cougar in the face.

#5. Cute body and nice bikini. The bikini top looks like it was blacked out.

The Winner is: #5. I just like her body and face. #4 is the runner up because her body is hot too but her face wasn’t doing it for me. I love having our own contests. 🙂

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