Tara Reid Bikini Nightmare

Wow, I never thought I’d see former scream queen Tara Reid looking so jacked up. She looks like she’s totally messed up and super thin in that bikini. In this picture, she looks like she’s aged 30 years. I like Tara Reid so it’s sad to see her like this. She’s keeping a low profile in the media these days and maybe it’s because her career has tanked but it’s not her fault. Hollywood is cold and brutal and there are new starlets coming out every day. You have to have basically the best connections to get a movie role and if you are known for partying it up then another girl will take your place unless you’re Lindsay Lohan in which case, you can do whatever you want and still get a movie role, but Lindsay is still in her 20’s so Hollywood is fascinated by her. Anyways, I hope to see Tara in better spirits in the near future.

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