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Camel Toe Bikini Extravaganza

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

I don’t know about you but these four bikini babes walking around with bikini camel toe ISN’T sexy. It’s sort of desperate. Do you need that much attention that you’ll wear a bikini that’s all stuck up your extremeties? I’m a dude and don’t get me wrong, I love looking at ladies bodies but this is a bikini site and either it’s a good bikini or a bad bikini and these are bad bikinis. Of course, I think their bodies are super super HOT HOT HOT! But the bikinis on their bodies look nasty. They’re not flattering at all. Just look at the tall babe in the pink hat. Why would you want to walk around with something stuck up your hoho (my clean name for it). Let’s give them the MOST DESPERATE BIKINI BABES AWARD. Not good ladies.

Tacky Bikini Contest

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Ok, I have to call it like I see it. You can tell this is some sort of contest by the number tags attached to each bikini model. These are the tackiest babes in bikinis I’ve seen all week. Especially the one in the orange/yellow bikini. She look like she just woke up and needs her first cup of coffee. The other ones aren’t really that bad but it just looks like they grabbed the first girls they saw walking and said “Hey you want to be in a bikini contest?” The bikinis are dull and boring and so are the faces on these chicks. Ok, let’s give it the DULLEST BIKINI CONTEST AWARD. Zzzzzzzzzz

Slingshot Bikini Hangers

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Omg, ewwww. Now this takes the slingshot bikini to an entirely new level and it’s not a good one. Is it milking time? WTH? Totally tacky and that’s no lie. These women are walking around on the beach with breasts that belong on 80 year olds. It’s very un-attractive and it’s so funny how people will wear something and swear they look good in it. It gives the slingshot bikini a bad name. I’ve featured the perfect slingshot bikini on this site before and you can search for it to see what it’s really suppose to look like. This isn’t it. Gotta give them the MOST TACKY BIKINI AWARD. They really deserve it.