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Bikini Reunion

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Getting together to talk about old times are a bunch of cougars and an old dude in a man-thong. He must be very sure of himself walking around with that thing on. You can tell that he probably has many more because his body is pretty much tanned all over. I wonder which one is his wife or girlfriend for that matter because old guy looks like he likes to play the field.

High School Reunion Bikini Babes

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

I like this! These are high school babes who are reuniting wearing bikinis. Their high school reunion was held at a beach resort. I think it’s so cute how they’re all smiling. I mean which one was the snob, the nerd, the cheerleader or the b!. These chicks look like they actually like each other and you know that’s not how it goes down in high school. At least they can all fit into bikinis because after high school, some girl’s bodies take turns for the worst and the only time they could ever wear a bikini was when they were in high school. They’re not too shabby at all.