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Don’t Wear A Bikini In The Woods

Friday, May 6th, 2011

I’m a horror movie buff so this picture of a girl in a bikini standing in the middle of the woods is very creepy to me. So what she has her bike. It’s not like she can out bicycle the bikini killer. I hope she’s not all alone out in the woods and hopefully she leaves before it gets dark. This just looks like the perfect horror movie premise where a girl gets stalked wearing a bikini out in the woods, doesn’t it? Run!!

Killer Bikini Babe of the Week

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Say hello to the Killer Bikini babe of the week. Every week we’ll have one babe or babes that I consider really hot. As you know, I’m hard on a lot of the women in bikinis on this site. Although you don’t have to be a raving beauty, there are some things that you must have in order to become the Killer Bikini Babe of the week. You must have all of your teeth. No bullet wounds or cuts on your body. This babe is smoking hot. She’s cute and really like those deep blue eyes. She really deserves the KILLER BIKINI BABE OF THE WEEK AWARD.

Killer Bikini Babe

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Sometimes I just like posting pics of hot bikini babes just because. A little present from me to all of the fellas who visit this site. I don’t know who this babe is, nor do I care. I just saw her pic and needed to put her up. She’s stunning and in a bikini so that’s all she needs to get on this site. She’s what you might call a Killer Bikini Babe. 🙂