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Kesha Bikini Spotting

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Hanging out with one of her besties is pop starlet Kesha. Remember her? She’s the blonde in the picture. She had that hit called “Tik Tok”. I guess she’s working on her 2nd album which everyone is wondering if it will measure up to her first one. I think so. She’s quite appealing but maybe it’s me but I just so happen to think that Kesha’s body is more shaped like my Aunt Trudy’s than a 24 yr old pop star.

Kesha Bikini Spotting

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Hey look at pop starlet Kesha trying her best not to get wet while in the ocean. Sometimes I wonder why some people become famous. This is a rare photo of the singing sensation wearing a bikini and it doesn’t look like she has a bikini bottom. She’s quite thick in the waist and has a really funny shaped body. Kesha is the kind of girl that’s going to swell up when she gets older so she might as well enjoy her youth and popularity now.