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She Hulk Bikini

Monday, February 6th, 2012

We love bikini art so it’s only fitting that we share this picture of a She Hulk in a skimpy pink bikini. I mean, if you were going to draw a picture of a female hul, this would be the perfect example of what she should look like. Now why don’t they just make a TV show. That would be totally cool.

Miss Bikini Hulk

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Sometimes it’s a curse being a dude because a girl might look like the female version of the Hulk with green skin, bugged eyes and scarred skin but if she has a hot body, like this chick, we still want to get with her! That’s so sad but it’s true. I actually thing this Miss Bikini Hulk looks sexy and hot! What’s wrong with me??? She’s giving us a cute pose in her pink bikini. I bet if she takes off all that makeup she’s a knockout. I like the concept so I’m going to give her….SEXIEST AND SCARIEST FEMALE HALLOWEEN COSTUME AWARD.