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Bar Hopping Bikini Babes

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

These are the kinds of girls that I like to meet at the bars. They look sober and not trashy and their hair is combed. Their smiles are pretty and white. I wouldn’t mind buying any of them a drink. See I’m not a total slug, you don’t always have to be stunning in order for me to want to date you. I mean these girls aren’t raving beauties but they’re not bow bow’s either. Ok, let’s give them the CUTE BAR HOPPING BIKINI BABES AWARD.

Bar Hopping Bikini Chicks

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

You can tell these babes go out in their bikinis so guys can buy them drinks. I don’t buy girls drinks at clubs, they buy me drinks. All I do is walk up to a babe at the bar and tell her some sad story about how my puppy got ran over by a car and she feels so sorry for me that she offers to buy me a drink. Take notes dudes. Save your money and make them spend theirs. These babes aren’t hot except for maybe the one in the pink bikini top, although I still wouldn’t buy her a drink.

Slumming Bikini Babes

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Hey check out these slumming bikini babes. What they do is go around anywhere they hear about a party and hang out for free drinks and food. They’re not half bad. I guess they’re too poor to buy their own drinks but most of these types of girls are actresses looking for some sort of reality tv show or movie to act on. I don’t know how far these bikini babes would go to get a part in a movie or even hang out with a movie star but I can just imagine and so can you.