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Crazy Bikini Hula Guys

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

That girl must be really pretty to convince those guys to wear bikini tops and hula skirts in the freezing snow. Have you ever done anything crazy because of pretty girl? Who hasn’t!

Hot Bikini Guys

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

See now I can appreciate these bikini guys because they’re not all hairy, fat or dopey looking. They’re cut and if you’re going to put on a bikini, at least have the body for it. I’m serious. I think it’s honestly the new style for the metrosexual kind of guy and you don’t necessarily have to be gay and even if you are, so what. Wear your man bikini with your head held high! I have to give them props because any guy who would put on a bikini like this is so secure about himself, there’s nothing you could do or say that can take it away and I commend that 100%. So…let’s give these dudes the HOTTEST GUYS IN BIKINIS AWARD. Work it boys.