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Pink Furry Bikini Top

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Hey ladies if you want to impress your man, just go out and get one of these pink furry bikini tops. I guarantee that he will never leave your side for the entire time that you are wearing it. Something like this makes us guy really happy. The lady who is wearing this pink furry bikini top is rather endowed and I’m sure that’s a plus for her too.

Cow Patch Bikini Babe

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Hubba hubba, I think I’m in love. Now this is what you call a bikini body. This blonde braided beauty is looking really awesome in a furry black and white string bikini. I guess you could call it the Cow Patch Bikini look, well at least that’s what I’m calling it. It’s very tiny and that’s what is so special about it. I like the top and how it covers yet reveals at the same time. The bottom is classic bikini thong bottom. I don’t know who this model is but she looks like one of the WWE Divas but I’m not sure. It’s just that her body is extra toned. So since we like her, let’s give her the MOST TONED BIKINI BABE AWARD of the week. Cute belly button jewelry too.

Kelly Bensimon Furry Bikini

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Looking like something out of the tv show “The Flintstones” is the “Real Housewife of New York” tv reality star Kelly Bensimon. I hope that’s not real fur because the people from PETA will end up boycotting her show.

kelly bensimon furry bikini