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Bikini Smiley Face

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

We love smiley faces!! They’re so cute and they make us smile! Here’s a smiley face bikini which is really cute. I’ve never seen one before like this. I’ve seen the one that has a bunch of smiley faces all over but none with the eyes up top and the lips at the bottom. Oh look, she even has a nose which is her belly button jewelry. Her body isn’t bad looking. I’d just like to see one of the really big fat chicks put on a smiley face bikini. Now that would be something to really smile about. NOT!

Hot Bikini Body But Ugly Face

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Yes, I did. I saw this photo and the body on this chick and I said “Ooohhhh Nice”. Then I looked up and saw her face. Ok, maybe ugly is a little extreme but I’m a dude, we don’t have much of a large vocabulary when describing girls that aren’t attractive to us. She’s not exactly horrendous but the body does not match the face. She’s not the ugliest I’ve ever seen but I think maybe if she had on some makeup, it would have improved her look. But there is a funny thing, I’d still date her. Hey, like I said…I’m a dude.