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Bikini Egg Top

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Hey dudes, are you an egg lover? Well to satisfy your obsession all you need to do is get your girlfriend or wife one of these Bikini Eggies and have her walk around in front of you like this all day. Just make sure you bend her “over easy” when it’s time to have some fun.

Poached Bikini Egg

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

I guess this chick likes her eggs over easy. I’m loving this concept of the egg bikini. It could let the guys know that you’ll throw egg in their face if they get smart or fresh with you. I guess I could go on and on with the egg jokes but I won’t bore you, you get my drift. This is one hot babe sporting this white bikini. I bet she was egg-cited to pose in her white bikini. She looks so egg-centric and I’m going to give her the MOST EGG-CEPTIONAL BABE IN A BIKINI AWARD.