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Fantasy Bikini Costume

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014


Looking like she could fly away is a cute athletic bikini costume dancer contestant. She’s really cute in that bikini and just makes you think that you could fly away with her, right?

College Bikini Student

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Get your study on with these hot college student bikini costumes. You’ll have a very Happy Halloween wearing these or even watching your girlfriend wear them to the costume party. I love the way you can see the bikini string from underneath the skirt and the skirt is sooooooo short! Awesome! I’m loving the knee high socks and white heels. It’s too bad this can’t be the uniform for most colleges. You have a blonde and a brunette to suit whatever your taste is. I think these are the hottest costumes ever…sooo…let’s give them the HOTTEST HALLOWEEN BIKINI COSTUMES AWARD. Nice going girls.

Maid in a Bikini

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Now this is that I’m talking about!! I know I’m giving this one an award already. Totally smoking. It’s a Bikini Maid Uniform and I like it very much. Can you just imagine coming home to a maid that looks and is dressed like this? Of course, you can’t be married, it’s only for single guys like me. I would rush home every day after work just to watch her do her little chores around the house. I would give her great tips too. I love the top, the bottom and the hat. The bottom looks like it already comes equipped with a pocket for tips which, if she were my maid, would make a fortune. Let’s give her the HOTTEST MAID IN A BIKINI AWARD. Very very nice!

Santa’s Bikini Helper

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Have you been a good girl or bad girl? Well I hope it’s a bad girl because those are the kinds of girls that get presents from me. I’m so loving this Santa Bikini costume. It’s already making me wish for the holidays. Ladies you can wear this even for this coming Halloween and flaunt your hot bod as one of Santa’s helpers. I’m a lover of different bikini costumes so this is really making me smile. Award time again, CUTEST SANTA BIKINI AWARD. Come here and sit on my knee.

Hand Held Bikini

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

bikini hands

Check this out! If you don’t feel like holding up your own bikini, just buy a Hand Held Bikini. It holds it up for you. They’re on sale now for only $19.99. Be the talk of the party with your very own Hand Held Bikini. I would hold it up for you but it might be a little “tight” on you.