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Duct Tape Bikini Fight

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Are these girls having a duct tape bikini fight? That’s what it looks like. And, it looks like the skinnier girl in the black and red duct tape bikini is winning over the chunky babe in the yellow and blue bikini duct tape. I think this is fun and should be made a national competition all over the world. Colorful duct tape bikinis rock!

Chunky Bikini Model

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Miss Surrey Chloe Marshall poses at the launch of Miss England Bikini 2008. She’s a plus size bikini model and that’s ok. I never said that a person needs to be a size 3 to be in a bikini, that’s not my thing. I like making fun of chunky girls because I’m a dude. Chloe is chunky. She could tone up a little bit but the weight on her isn’t bad. Most women in America are this size and I date women of all shapes and sizes. She doesn’t look sloppy, just thick and hearty, like a big bowl of clam chowder soup.

Mariah Carey Bikini Chunky

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Ok, before all of the hate mail comes in, I just want to say I’m not here to trash Mariah Carey and her recent weight gain. I’m just using her to talk about the scrutiny that celebs go through when they do gain weight. Ok, in this picture, yes, Mariah does look like she’s gained about 20 pounds but the average women in America is her size or bigger so I don’t really see what the problem was. This picture caused a lot of controversy and she was talked about very harshly saying she gained weight but if you’ve noticed some of the fat bikini pictures on our site, she’s anorexic compared to them. I think we are too hard on celebs if they do gain weight. I just think it’s the person’s preference and she has so many fans, they go by her singing performances and Mariah Carey can be 300lbs and it would still be ok. I personally don’t care if she’s fat or skinny, she doesn’t pay my bills and I can’t afford to pay hers. I admire her as an artist and will just leave it at that.

Chunky Bikini Chick

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Now this is a whole lotta woman but actually this is the size of the average American woman. She doesn’t look bad in the bikini, especially up top. This just goes to show that not all women need to be a size 0 to fit into a cute bikini.