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The Fatkini

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Yeah, here’s a plus size model (or fat girl) wearing a yellow fatkini. It’s really a tankini but it doesn’t fit her so I’ve renamed it the Fatkini. I know that big girls need love and I’m all for that so I’m not going to say anything demeaning about this big girl. A few of my buddies are chubby chasers and I plan on sending them a link to this page. Share!

Sexy Fat Bikini Chick

Monday, March 5th, 2012

I’m not saying that she’s sexy but some guys do think fat chicks in bikinis are sexy so the tag line is for them. I personally don’t want to comment on what I personally think of this lady parlaying her stuff in a skin tight black bikini. Obviously someone likes it if she was brave enough to take a picture so all of you chubby chasers out there enjoy!

Bikini Fat Chick

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Hey, we love fat bikini chicks so the person who took this picture is wrong. There’s nothing more satisfying that watching a bikini fat chick do her thing. This one is showing us what a grilled gut will look like and that’s fine with us. It takes all bikini kinds to make up this site and we’re gonna give her the FATTEST BIKINI CHICK AWARD. Keep them coming fat babes…we love you!!

Hot Chick Bikini Flag

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Hey you all know how I feel about hot chicks in USA flag bikinis. I can’t get enough!! Here’s a SUPER HOT babe looking so sweet in the stars and stripes. I must admit this might be one of the hottest USA bikini flag babes so far. She’s cute in the face and is really filling out that bikini perfectly. I like the candy striped shorts that she’s taking off to reveal the cute stars and stripes bikini bottom. Very tasteful, very nice. Let’s give her the HOTTEST USA BIKINI FLAG BABE AWARD. The best this year 2011.

Tattooed Bikini Chick

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Hey I like chicks with tattoos all over their bodies. It’s a form of art work and if that’s how they want to express themselves, then I’m all for it. Check the babe above in like a Tarzan/Jane kind of bikini with tattoos all over every inch of her body….except for her boobs? That I found very peculiar because if you like getting tattoos all over that includes your chest too? Is she a model and wanted especially for her boobs not to have tattoos on it ore are the tattoos fake and they just didn’t put any on the boobs? Who knows.or cares..she’s hot as heck. HOTTEST TATTOOED BIKINI CHICK AWARD.

I’m A Redneck Bikini Chick

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Well get out the beer and grits because we’ve just caught these cute redneck bikini babes hanging out in the backwoods. I wonder if they are related? Oh boy, look at the tattoo of the chick on the left. I tried to blow it up and it looks like some sort of bird or peacock or something like that. I wonder if she can even spell peacock. Anyways….yeah, these chicks are totally rocking the redneck look with the bikinis and boots and tattoos. Nice bodies I must admit but I wouldn’t want to bring them home. Oh no, their boyfriends (oops I mean brothers), might get mad.

Drunk Bikini Chick

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Dude this chick is totally wasted. She’s past out on a picnic table topless. What kind of party is this? It’s the day time so I think it’s probably some sort of college picnic where things got out of hand. When my dude friends would pass out like this, we would throw cold water on them to shock them awake but days sure have changed and now girls are the ones passing out half naked instead of dudes. Her girlfriends are so wrong for letting this happen. That picture may be funny to some but it’s really sad to see a chick passed out on a picnic bench in the middle of the day with no top on. I’m just going to shake my head in shame because her friends weren’t there for her.

Goth Bikini Chick

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Danger zone! Here’s a mean looking goth emo chick who looks like she wants to bite you in the neck. What’s the deal with the obsession with vampires. I like vampires but I don’t like watching them all of the time because it can get boring. This chick looks like she’ll take you home, slip you something in your drink and drain the blood out of you. I wouldn’t want to get too cozy with her. Yeah her body is super hot and she looks really cute in the bikini. I kinda of like the cross and skull bones on her bottoms. I’m not too sure about her hair. Maybe a comb wouldn’t hurt.

Why it’s hard to get a cab in New York

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

No wonder it’s hard getting a cab in New York. It’s because we have fat chicks in bikinis holding up traffic. Just look at her. It’s pouring down rain outside and she’s in a bikini with her enormous arm up trying to hail a cab. Well since the cab is still in the middle of the road, looks like he kept going. Why would you want to stop and let a fat chick in your cab so she could get sweat and water all over your seats. Plus, is she gonna pay? Where is her purse with the money? No matter where the money is, would you even want to touch it when she handed it to you? Any hiding spot she has on her body is totally gross. Anyways, now I know why it’s hard to get a cab in New York. Yuck!

Tire Rim Bikini Babe

Monday, September 6th, 2010

I’m very impressed with this tire rim bikini babe. It’s awesome. Very unique and genuine. I love the concept. Looks like someone took a black bikini and glued little tire rims all over it. Guys love cars and seeing a girl walking around in this hot tire rim bikini on the beach would surely get my attention. Plus she’s not half bad looking. She’s a walking advertisement and why not. If you have a hot body why not rent your hot body out in a bikini wearing an advertisement. It will surely get plenty of attention plus you’ll probably make a few dollars in the process. Great idea. Let’s give her the MOST UNIQUE BIKINI CONCEPT AWARD. Me like.