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Import Cars Bikini Wash

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Now this is what I call a real bikini car wash. Who cares about the cars. It’s all about the bikini babes lathering up in their hot bikinis while you pay them to wash your car. Take note dudes for next Summer when you want to make some extra money.

Bikinis and Cars

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Nothing goes together more wonderfully than bikinis and cars with girls of course. Here we have a cute group of hot chicks in bikinis standing next to a hot blue car. They are probably doing some sort of promotion and wearing a bikini always helps. From what I can see there seems to be only one two two ugly ones in the bunch, well maybe four but all of the bodies still look hot and that’s what really counts. What’s really weird are the guys in the background. This must be in San Francisco because not too many of them are even looking at the girls. I wonder why? Even if they’re ugly in the face, I’m still going to stare at their bodies, but then that’s just me. Ok, no award but they are cute.

Cars and Girls in Bikinis

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Now that’s more like it, there’s nothing more hotter than chicks hanging out next to cars wearing skimpy bikinis. This is what I live for. All of these babes are smoking hot too! See what I mean. Now can you see the difference from the Bikini Hags and these cuties. You have to admit these chicks smoke those Bikini Hags out of the water. Anyways, these chicks are in Texas and I just might have to pay a visit up there to see how hot the girls are in person. Looking at these hot babes has just made my day. No award, but they’re hot.