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Boring Bikini Tub Time

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

What kind of bikini party is this? These girls look like they’re dozing off or bored to death. They’re plenty lucky that I’m not there because there’d be lots of action going on. What’s wrong with them? These girls are too cute to sit around bored in a bathtub. What’s the world coming to? 🙁

Sorority Bikini Alumni

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Oh lookie, here are a group of frumpy looking sorority girls all posing for a group bikini picture. Geez, are the girls in college looking this bad these days? Not a cute one in the bunch, hey I’m sorry but you already know that I call it like I see it. I guess those frat boys must be pretty desperate to date them. They just look very plain and boring. Do something with your hair, put on some makeup and a few crunches wouldn’t help either. But oh yeah, they’re smart. Like we care about that! Sorry girls….HOMLIEST SORORITY CHICKS IN BIKINIS AWARD. Yuck! Sigma Don’t-a Call-a Me