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Bikini Beach Bombshells

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

It looks like one of these hot bikini beach bombshells had a little bit too much to drink and has stumbled in the sand. I just wish I were there to help her along. Poor thing. These babes are hot. Really liking the pink and purple checkered bikini. It fits that blonde perfectly.

Car Wash Bikini Bombshells

Monday, February 14th, 2011

If you want people to come to your bikini car wash, just hire blonde bombshells that look like THIS! Now this is what I’m talking about. All four of these babes are smoking hot! If I were driving down the highway, I’d probably drive into a tree looking at these sexy chicks. You can’t go wrong with awesome girls like this when it comes to luring in guys to spend money. If they are also washing the cars, then you’ll end up becoming a millionaire. I just wanna stare for a while. Excuse me.

Swedish Bikini Team

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Well hot damn, I think I’m in love. Let’s take our time and look over these pictures of the Swedish Bikini Team. I must admit ALL of these cuties are HOT. I mean how often do you come across a bunch of babes where they ALL look good. Well looks like today is our lucky day. If I had to say I had a favorite, ir would probably be the one sitting down. She looks like the cougar in the bunch and I love sexy cougars. The chick that’s at the upper most top in the picture has a rack on her that looks like it’s screaming to come out of her tight leopard print bikini. I think the cougar babe could use some more sun but other than that, they all are rocking hot and I’d date them all and wouldn’t even tell my dude friends I was dating them so I could keep them all for myself. Reward time….HOTTEST BLONDES IN BIKINIS AWARD of the week. After looking at these pictures, I’m going to sleep really good.