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Bikini Volleyball Blunder

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Don’t you just love bikini volleyball shots like this? Italy’s Lucilla Perrotta (below) ducks down onto the sand as partner Daniela Gatteli (top) dives for a return during their third round preliminary women’s beach volleyball match. This is probably why most women only play volleyball with women. Now I understand. lol

Leilani Dowding Bikini Booty Blunder

Monday, March 5th, 2012

It looks like English glamour model, television celebrity, and Miss Universe contestant, Leilani Dowding is having some extra fun with a guy who wants to see her bikini booty. From the smile on her face, it doesn’t look like she minds much. That’s being a good sport. Now why can’t we get more booty blunders like this every day? Life would be so much more wonderful, don’t you think?

Courteney Cox Bikini Nipple Slip

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

One of the hottest Cougars in Hollywood is Courteney Cox. She’s REALLY REALLY HOT! At her age which I’ll just say is 40+, she looks fabulous. Her body is totally trim and fit in addition to having the chest of a 21 yr old. Not to mention that she’s a great actress and a funny comedian. She’s the total package. I’ve been a big fan of Courteney for years and she only seems to get better with age. Keep up the great work! Let’s give her the HOTTEST CELEBRITY COUGAR AWARD!

Paris Hilton Bikini Blunder

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Looks like since Paris Hilton won’t go to jail for her recent drug bust (only probation), then she’ll have much more time to hang out and adjust herself in bikinis. What is she grabbing in this picture? It looks very weird. It looks like she’s packing, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s her stash. Some think that the rich have it easy when it comes to jail time. Sometimes they have it easy but sometimes they have it hard. I don’t think celebs get special treatment because the average person can go to jail without the entire world knowing about it. That’s punishment in itself.