Swedish Bikini Team

Well hot damn, I think I’m in love. Let’s take our time and look over these pictures of the Swedish Bikini Team. I must admit ALL of these cuties are HOT. I mean how often do you come across a bunch of babes where they ALL look good. Well looks like today is our lucky day. If I had to say I had a favorite, ir would probably be the one sitting down. She looks like the cougar in the bunch and I love sexy cougars. The chick that’s at the upper most top in the picture has a rack on her that looks like it’s screaming to come out of her tight leopard print bikini. I think the cougar babe could use some more sun but other than that, they all are rocking hot and I’d date them all and wouldn’t even tell my dude friends I was dating them so I could keep them all for myself. Reward time….HOTTEST BLONDES IN BIKINIS AWARD of the week. After looking at these pictures, I’m going to sleep really good.

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