Smoking Hot Bikini Contest

Here are a few hot girls in a sexy bikini contest. I’m not sure what the contest is called or what it’s even for but does it really matter? These chicks are cute. So why not have one of our very own bikini contests. Let’s call it the Killer Bikini Babe Stripper Bikini Contest. Only because they look like strippers.

Starting from left to right:

#1: Cute smile. Loving the red hair. Nice body. Boring black bikini.

#2: Plain face. Boring polka dot bikini. Not curvy enough.

#3: Nice and tall. Long hair. Like the blue extensions. Ok body.

#4: Hot gold bikini. Cute smile. Nice flat stomach.

#5: Nice abs. Too old in the face. Sexy bikini though. Love the plaid mini-skirt.

Ok, the winner is…..#4. I have to go with the gold bikini. This is a bikini site so I judge on that scale. Her body was nice and although she’s not really pretty in the face, that’s ok. She can get by. Congrats #4.

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