Scruffy Old Lady Bikini Sag

Since it’s Senior Citizens week here at Killer Bikini Babes we want to acknowledge another old and decrepit body in a bikini. Let’s take a closer look. Notice how she has her hair up in a bun wrapped around a bald spot in the middle. Next, look at those finger nails. All of them are the same length except for her index finger holding the bag which looks as long as some ancient chinese guru nails. Now let’s check out her skin and those assets. Her skin looks like it’s beef jerky and her assets look like they’ve relocated to her rib cage. I know I’m gonna burn for talking like this but it’s not like I’m not gonna be there myself one day. Now, I know what you’re thinking…No I wouldn’t bed that! No way…For a million dollars. You make it 2 million and I’ll take some extra strength viagra and yeah, I’ll give it to her. Next…..

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