Rock Hard Bikini Bust

Ok, now this is just ridiculous. Look at her chest! It’s not sexy so I’m not even going that route. It’s pretty disgusting. It looks like she took two oversized shot puts and stuffed them into her chest. It’s really distracting and not good looking at all to me. Don’t get me wrong. The rest of her body and even her face is rocking!! But that chest is just awful. Honey, you need to call up your plastic surgeon and tell him you’re cancelling the check. They don’t look real or normal in any sense. Maybe if she had on a full blouse covering them all up, it would look better but not with that skimpy bikini on. I think girls that were those skimpy bikinis don’t need to have oversized chests. Smaller chests will do. Ok, I gotta give her the WORST PLASTIC SURGERY CHEST ENHANCEMENTS AWARD. Ewwww.

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