Preggo Bikini Girl

Oh how cute that this preggo (Angela) marked her stomach “Coming This Fall”. I guess that’s when her baby is due. Well congratulations to Angela. I’m always torn when I see a pregnant woman in a bikini. I’m getting used to the idea because it’s like a double message. They sell maternity clothes that tell them to cover up their stomach but then they go around in bikinis showing it off. I’m a dude, I’m just confused. One thing about Angela is that she’s all baby. She hasn’t gained a lot of weight and she’ll be so happy about that after the fact because I have friends and they tell me it’s not easy getting it off unless you’re 18 yrs old or something like that. No stretch marks on her stomach or none of that stuff. She’s probably in her early 20’s and maybe it’s her first kid. I don’t know I’m just guessing, remember, I’m a dude.

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