NYC Bikinis Rooftop

August 15th, 2014

NYC Besties Bikini Rooftop

Hanging out on a New York City rooftop are bold bikini beauties with full figures that fit really nicely into their swimwear. It’s perfectly fine to be a plus size girl and wear a bikini. Just wear one that compliments your specific individual curves, that’s all!

Bubba’s Bikini Bike Wash

August 15th, 2014


Bubba gets the hottest girls in the land. He makes sure they were black bikinis so he can tell them apart from the other bikini bike wash babes on the block.

Redneck Bikini Canine

August 14th, 2014


She’s the prettiest in the land. All she needs is some mud to jump in and run around in and that’s a perfect day.

Grass Skirt Bikini Doggie

August 14th, 2014


Doing the hula is a cute grass skirt bikini doggie. Not award worthy but close. Maybe if added more accessories. Oh well, there’s always next year.

Bikini Car Wash Beauties

August 13th, 2014


Posing for a hot picture are really cute bikini car wash beauties. Very nice tops.

Pre-Cougar Bikini Contest

August 13th, 2014


Not quite cougars and not quite un-cougars are three bikini contestants who look really fit and trim. Nice going.

College Bikini Besties Vacation

August 12th, 2014


Enjoying their vacation together are college bikini besties. The dude is just lucky.

College Bikini Beach Walk

August 12th, 2014


A brisk walk along the beach is exactly what these cuties need.

College Bikini Fun

August 11th, 2014


These college bikini wears look like they’re having the time of their lives and that’s what it should look like because it’s a wonderful thing!

Sand Loving Bikini Goers

August 11th, 2014


The beach is the perfect place to be when sporting colorful bikinis like this! Pretty faces too!