Redneck Bikini Mud Dates

April 11th, 2014


When you want to impress a mud loving babe, just get her in a bikini and take her out to the mud pits for a nice picnic with you and your buddies and their girlfriends. Now that’s pure country living.

Local California Bikini Beach Babe

April 11th, 2014


Yeah it’s true that most of the girls in California look like this and this is just a local gal. So if you’ve been searching, just stop now and come on over to California. We have them in Florida too! Isn’t life grand?

Throwback Thursdays – 2008 – Baycity Music Awards Bikini Presenters

April 10th, 2014


Three awesome bikini presenters who get to give out awards to the winners at the Baycity Music Awards whatever that is. Sounds like an 1980′s revival award show. I can’t even remember where I was in 2008, can you?

Throwback Thursdays – 1977 – Greece Bikini Beauties

April 10th, 2014

1977 Greece Blue Bikini Beauties

These blonde bombshells are from Greece in 1977 showing off blue bikinis for an event. One thing that’s classic are the hairstyles on these hotties. They should all come back in style. Very nice.

Water Park Bikini Crowd

April 9th, 2014


Hanging out at a water park are very sweet and colorful bikini wearing models. Must be nice to have a job where all you do is just walk around in a bikini and say hi to others.

Solo Cup Beach Drinking Babes

April 9th, 2014


Solo Cups are a must have at any event where there is drinking. Soda, tea, water, lemonade are just a few of the items that these awesome cups hold so you can enjoy your time at the beach. These cute girls have their very own Solo Cups to fill up probably with some nice lemonaide. Hey Jeffrey (the office gofer) thanks you so much for getting them their delicious refills.

Bikini Water Fight

April 8th, 2014


Squirting and drenching up their bikini bodies are cool chicks in a bikini water fight. A red bikini is exactly what you need to bring attention to yourself while having a bikini water fight. That way others will want to join in. Lots of fun for all!

Sorority Dorm Bikini Vacation

April 8th, 2014


Looking so sweet and serene are give sorority sisters posing ocean dockside in very colorful bikinis. Which one do I like the best? Well as far as the girls, I like the smile of the blonde on the far left wearing the neon green bikini bottoms. As far as the bikini/body overall, I would say that the Kardashian look-a-like in the purple two-piece bikini takes the cake for me. Although they’re all cool. I bet they’re some sort of physics or biological majors that are smarter than heck!

Bikini Babes with Guns on a Boat

April 7th, 2014


What would you do if you saw these gun toting bikini babes just floating by you on a river boat? Would you try to climb in and hang with them? Well those smiles are alluring but it’s just probably safer to stay on your boat and they stay on theirs…I’m just saying….

Blonde Bikini Bombshell with Gun

April 7th, 2014


Although she’s very intimidating with a big gun in her hand, this well-endowed bikini babe still commands an audience in her leopard skin clinging bikini. It’s just right in every way.