Marla Maples Bikini Show Off

Hey, here’s 50 something former pride to the Donald Trumpster, Marla Maples. She’s on the beach doing cartwheels showing off her still fit and trim body. Yeah, I will admit that she has the body of a 25 year old, that’s a fact. I guess she needs to keep in super shape to land the next millionaire. Although she’s not hurting, she caught a pretty penny from her divorce from the Donald. I’ve seen Marla’s face and it’s not all that bad. Hey, a 50 year old woman is going to look like a 50 year old white no matter how much plastic surgery she has. It can only make her skin look smoother but you can still see the age. Although I’ve seen some 50 year olds look 35-50 but that’s in their genes, Marla doesn’t have those type of genes. Anyways, no award. Maybe when she’s 80 and still has a body that looks like that.

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