Kitty Kat Bikini

Hey everyone, meet Kitty Kat (that’s her real name). She’s an adorable cat that her owner was so cool enough to dress her up in a cute bikini outfit. As you all know, I love animals in bikinis. I think it’s the cutest thing. She’s a mixed Sphynx (a hairless cat) and is cute as she can be. I love the matching yellow hat and sunglass accessories. The bikini fits her so well, it looks like it was tailored especially for her which gets her extra points. Kitty Kat looks like she really likes to pose for the camera. It comes to her very naturally. Kudos to Kitty Kat and I would hope to see her full fashion line one day. Of course she gets an award. MOST FASHIONABLE CAT IN A BIKINI AWARD. Go Kitty Kat!!! I love it.

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