Julie Bikini Cross Dresser

Meet Julie. Julie is a man. How can you tell? Well only a dude would wear clear high heels with a bikini on a bike. Most women are smart. Even if they are going to wear a bikini on a bike, they’ll wear sneakers. Julie is a cross dressing dude and a rather convincing one too. He shaves his legs, keeps his body in shape and tries to keep his hair combed although it could use a nice brushing. Julie isn’t a Florida cross dresser because Florida cross dressers are very flamboyant and glamorous. He’s simple with his makeup (just lipstick) and looks like he manicures his toes too. Julie is good but not good enough to fool a true Floridian like me who sees guys like this all of the time. Especially in Miami. In Miami, you need to practically ask them to show you the goods in order to tell because even the adam’s apple can fool you.

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