Jennifer Love Hewitt Bikini Whisperer

Wow, I was so sorry to hear that Jennifer Love Hewitts tv show Ghost Whisperer was cancelled. I guess she whispered all she could. I used to watch the show a few years back but lately it was a little boring and just starting to look a little silly with the storylines. The best storyline was when she was looking for her dead husband and he was in this other guy’s body. After that, the show kinda went down hill from that. Anyways look at JLH’s thighs, they don’t look as soft and non-cellulose as they looked back when she did “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. Everyone was so hot for any glance of her body, now it’s just blah. Plus, how do you play tennis in high heel sandals? That’s not safe? Didn’t any of her ghostly friends tell her that?

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