Fat Chick In A Bikini

Whoa, hold on there!! This fat chick really thinks she’s the cat’s meow looking at herself in the mirror. Believe it or not, I used to date a fat chick named April that looked just like her. She would beg me to take her to the beach so she could walk around looking just like that. I never wanted to take her anywhere really because she didn’t know how to act in public. She would fart at restaurants and talk really loud and embarass me. The only reason why I stayed with her is because I’m a horn dog dude and you can put two and two together. But after smelling all those farts, after a while even the sex sucked. This picture makes me shudder thinking about April. OMG! I need to give her an award. THE MOST HORRIFIC FAT CHICK IN A BIKINI AWARD of the week. Hopefully that will stop the nightmares.

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