Duct Tape Bikini Body

I love it when I find pictures of babes taped up in duct tape. It’s better than eating rocky road ice cream with fudge syrup on top. Here’s a cutie that has made her very own bikini duct tape fashion and I must say it looks fabulous. She really knows which parts of her body to accentuate and I just hope that she is hairless in some parts because removing that tape can be quite painful if she isn’t. She looks kinda hairy by the amount of hair that is on the top of her head so let’s just hope she visits the waxing salon regularly, ok. We’ve seen quite a few duct taped beauties but I think she’s the best by far so let’s give her the BEST DUCT TAPE BIKINI BABE AWARD of the week. She deserves it. Well done.

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