Cocoa Beach, Florida Bikini Contest

Florida bikini contests are always cool. I should know because I live in Florida. Here’s a bikini contest held in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Hey that’s where the tv show I Dream of Jeannie is at. Cool. Well, Cocoa Beach babes are very hot. Just look at these cuties. I’m especially loving the black and white checkered bikini. Very nice. These are rather skimpy bikinis and believe it or not, these babes are kind of overdressed. I’ve seen them extra extra small and tiny in Cocoa Beach. If I were a judge, I’d pick the girl in the black and white checkered bikini as the winner but the chick in the red bikini as the runner up. The babe in the red looks like all she did was wrap a piece of red tape around her private parts. Bikinis sure have come far. I love it!

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